Students preparing for an exam often are under pressure. Especially in difficult subjects like Physics, too much exam stress can cause individuals to perform poorly in exams. One of the significant reasons for exam stress could be the lack of preparation. To avoid this, students should prepare well before the exam and not wait until the last moment. We have compiled a list of well-researched tips and strategies to help students with their preparation.

How to Prepare for Class 12 Physics?

Apart from studying hard and retaining the information, the key to successful preparation is smart learning and converting your efforts into impressive results. Here is a list of helpful preparation tips that you, as an exam taker, can follow to do well in your upcoming board examination:

Consult the CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus

Read the syllabus carefully and understand the weightage of marks allotted to each chapter. Knowing this will help you understand how much time should be allocated to each chapter.

Divide and Conquer

To prepare well, start with one unit per day by devoting at least three hours every day. Make sure to take breaks in between as you cannot be entirely focused, if you study for a long stretch without a break.

Always Keep a Notebook Handy while Studying.

Write the laws, principles, important formulae of fundamental concepts with derivations in your notebook. Keeping a notebook will help you revise concepts quickly on the go helping you utilise your spare time wisely.


Use Mind Maps

Using mind maps will help you understand how each concept leads to another.

Physics Numericals

One cannot score well in board exams by avoiding Physics numericals. Set aside some time and master the numericals based on concepts by going through the ncert solutions for class 12 physics available online for free.

Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to solve the previous years’ question papers of at least the last five years. Solving papers help you to understand the pattern of how questions are set and enable you to be better prepared to write your paper.

NCERT Physics Exemplars

NCERT Exemplars are practice books that cover additional higher-level questions and aid in-depth learning. The NCERT exemplar books include conceptual numericals relevant to CBSE board exams and competitive exams (JEE Main and JEE advanced). Hence it is suggested that you go through the physics exemplar class 12 to score better marks in exams.

These are some of the effective tips that will help you perform well in exams. If you follow these tips devoutly, revise daily and stay optimistic, you will surely be able to ace your exams.