Sample papers have traditionally been the most sought-after study resource for students. Sample papers are consistently praised as the best study aid by everyone who has excelled in a competitive or board test. Failure is frequently the result of taking a significant exam without thoroughly reviewing the subject’s past years’ question papers.

Students can better understand the exam format by using previous year’s questions, which also boosts their confidence in a particular subject. Questions are frequently switched around and repeated, helping students get a few guaranteed marks or scores on a test. There are various reference materials for students to practise question papers. Students can solve various problems provided by Lakhmir Singh Solutions to assist them in doing well on exams. In this article, we will discuss the importance of solving question papers.

Importance of Practising Previous Years’ Papers

  1. Efficient use of time

The papers from previous years can help you improve your academic understanding. Time limits apply to competitive exams. Previous years’ test questions aid in your understanding of which questions to tackle first and which to save for last. You may discover that answering the subjective questions before the multiple-choice questions is a better method or vice versa when you solve these papers (whether they are for IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, or GRE).

  1. Aids in understanding the difficulties

Simply reading the chapter’s contents is insufficient for any learner. It’s mainly because reading the chapter won’t help the student understand the difficulties. However, by reviewing the question paper from the previous year, one can understand their concerns. Some questions on the paper would be impossible for the student to answer after solving these. They will go back to their textbook to finish studying for the test. They typically benefit from it to perform well on their final exams.

  1. The realisation of errors

You can make various blunders when learning a concept for the first time. Possibly a poorly understood notion or by reading inaccurate information. Everyone engages in that. It’s critical to recognise these errors and fix them right away. By practising more and more, you will be able to withstand these errors.

  1. Stay updated

Exam question formats frequently change, and students must be ready to respond to all new questions. Exam stress is frequent and can increase significantly if you’re unsure of the questions that might be on the exam. You learn about the most recent question formats and frequently requested questions by studying sample exam questions. Exam tension and anxiety can be significantly reduced by having a good understanding of the questions that might be posed in tests.

  1. Confidence-building for students

Candidates can practise questions that could come up in the final examinations by using the previous year’s question papers. The students gain confidence as a result. They think that since they have already answered these questions, they can apply the solutions correctly in the exam. It is essential for students because it keeps them motivated during the rigorous board examinations and standard entrance exams. A confident student consistently outperforms other students, according to a study.

  1. To boost efficiency

Working hard pays off more effective when done in the proper way. Since there are so many ideas, theories, formulas, etc., it is impossible to learn them all in a short time of preparation. You will be able to anticipate the test format after you begin routinely practising with the practice sample questions. For students, those who are preparing for board exams can refer to Lakhmir Singh Class 10 solutions. As a result, you’ll become more efficient, which will aid in improving your performance.

  1. Helps the student to prepare for their exam

Planning is essential in all areas of life. Planning effectively enables the applicant to accomplish their objectives successfully. It consequently promotes their success. The question papers from prior years help candidates plan for their tests insufficiently because they have the same time constraints, question structures, and question categories. They will be in a better mental state for the test due to this preparation, which is essential. It gives students the assurance that they can construct the correct responses. In turn, it aids them in getting the desired outcomes in the exam room.


The article explains to students the benefits of answering questions from earlier exams. Students can properly arrange their study schedule after realising the value of solving the question papers from the previous year. Strength is the key to success in any exam, no matter how difficult or simple.