If you check the online forums and online discussions on JEE preparations, you would notice a particular question popping up too frequently. Every student wants to know the best time to start one’s JEE preparation. If you too have this question then the short answer is ‘sooner the better’. Let us explore further on this topic and list the reasons why it is important to start one’s JEE preparations as early as possible.

The JEE covers your Class XI and you Class XII subjects and syllabus. You should be fully familiar with the entire syllabus and you should know how to apply the concepts in each subject. Unlike your Class XI and Class XII board exams, you cannot clear JEE with mere memory power. Of course, you need to have good memory power to remember the formulas but memory power alone will not be sufficient to clear your JEE. 

You should expose yourself to a wide range of JEE challenge questions and try to solve them. The more problems and questions you solve the better your chances of getting through JEE. Most students will start their preparations soon after their Class X exams. Immediately after the Class X exams they will join JEE classes in Kharghar or Thane. Besides attending the JEE classes regularly, they will prepare for the JEE question papers. The teaching staff in the coaching academy would be training you to approach your Class XI and Class XII subjects from a JEE perspective. At school your teachers would be preparing you for the board exams and at the coaching class the academy faculties will help you prepare for the JEE. Both preparations have to go side by side. Of course, these two complement each other.

The idea behind starting your JEE preparations so early and joining the best institute for IIT JEE in Kharghar immediately after your Class X exams is that you will be able to explore each subject at your own pace. There will be no need to rush through the syllabus. On the other hand, if you delay the start, you would be left with no choice but to rush through the syllabus. You may not have a total grasp of all the subjects as a result your JEE performance would be affected. Take into account all these factors when you are planning your JEE preparation timetable and when you are asking yourself when to start your preparations. You will certainly not regret starting your preparations early. On the other hand, you would definitely be regretting if you start your preparations late. There are countless coaching centers in Thane and Kharghar. Review the options before you and enroll in one of the most dependable coaching centers so that they can guide you through the entire preparation process and help you crack the JEE. You need a lot of time at hand and the only way to meet this requirement is by starting one’s preparation early.